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Direct Action

Direct action means that we take matters into our own hands, immediately. We do not wait for politicians to give us permission, we do not allow for capitalists to give us excuses. 

We are an organization of organizers, what this means is that our membership, as members of the community themselves, go out into their community and organize the people to fight back in various ways. To become a member of the IWR is to become a grassroots working class organizer and to have the support of a committed cadre of fellow revolutionaries behind you as you fight for what issues matter to you and your people.

The IWR uses multiple simultaneous, complementary strategies, orchestrated by the same party, or in coalition with other like-minded groups, in order to bring revolutionary change. We are not being assaulted in a one dimensional manner, so we must not fight back in a one dimensional manner.

By revolutionary change we mean abolishing or subordinating capitalism, one workplace, or one community at a time.



1. Healthcare for all regardless of ability to pay

2. Universal housing

3. Employment and living wages in environmentally beneficial or sustainable industries

4. Workplace democracy through either unions or cooperatives

5. Dissolution of the fossil fuel industry

6. An end to overutilization of the earth's resources, such as

deforestation and overfishing

7. An end to the system of factory farming and the implementation of environmentally beneficial farming practices and an end to agricultural monopiles.

8. Massive downscaling of all armies', but most especially, of the American Military Industrial Complex

9. The dissolution of the police state in all its forms including: the total eradication of racist and classist police violence, the end to punitive justice systems through prison abolition, and the death of the death penalty.

10. Large scale rewilding of land and degrowth of all industrial economies, particularly first world  economies, especially by returning land to traditional indigenous inhabitants





We organize around issues based on the needs of our respective communities. What is different with us is that we may organize the workplace and then not stop there, like a traditional labor union would. We will organize your workplace and then ask, what else do you need done? Or we will organize around police brutality, but then ask if you need help in your workplace as well. The way we see it, any organizing of a workplace for instance requires a certain amount of community organization, for it to be successful. So if we're already out in the community organizing a strike support, why not see what else we can help with.

Other novel parts of our party include that we establish permanent party affiliated worker cooperatives as well as labor unions in order to build a broad and powerful coalition of working people. These institutions generate revenue for the party in exchange for party resources and support in times of need.

Chapters aim to take as much power for themselves within their local communities, as possible. Our legitimacy to power issues from our direct democratic nature. The goal is to take over, to build power, to challenge the union of state and corporation, so chapters aim to challenge or dominate over hegemonic political parties, backward government institutions and existing capitalist corporations. Part of this power building necessitates the creation of coalitions with labor unions, progressive democrats and left-wing organizations. Their power is our power and vice versa.

Membership to the IWR is not casual, one joins to become a revolutionary. There is moral urgency to defy the powers that be, and create a better world, if you do not feel this urgency, the IWR is not the organization for you. People are dying, we are dying, make no mistake, class war is underway whether we like it or not. This said we do realize that their are different extents to which people can participate, if you're overwhelmed as it is, there is still a place for you in the party. Join to FIGHT back.

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