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Direct Action

Direct action means that we take matters into our own hands, immediately. We do not wait for politicians to give us permission, we do not allow for industries to give us excuses. We are the people and we will be heard because we do not want to die, we do not want our children to die and we want there to be a world for our grandchildren. Countless animals will and have already perished at the hands of careless, foolish people, driven by the eternally brutal capitalist system and many people have already been displaced. So, the need is urgent, action must be taken.

We believe in raising our standard of living in order to reduce the birthrate. Countries with high standards of living tend to have much less children. So, we fight for universal healthcare in order to shift the burden of healthcare from families to society as a whole, we fight for the right of all workers to have labor unions in order to negotiate higher wages, also improving their standard of living. Further we fight for the end of colonialism and imperialist war which both produce poverty and underdevelopment.

We will fight for lands to be rewilded. A huge part of this effort is decolonial: stolen lands must be returned to their ancient care takers, the indigenous inhabitants who have been dispossessed by colonialism, the world over.

We believe that fossil fuels are killing our planet and so we fight for the elimination of automobiles in order to cut demand for oil and kill the fossil fuel industry. We will fight for the government to step in to subsidize the replacement of automobiles with vastly more efficient and socially constructive public transportation.

We believe that meat is a horribly wasteful way to consume most of our calories, so we build and support industries which produce largely plant based diets while also paying workers a living wage and giving them representation in the workplace. We also build and support industries which generate renewable energy, such as solar power.

As it is the single largest producer of both human misery and greenhouse gasses on the planet, we believe in drastically, downsizing the American military as well as the police. Both must be made unrecognizably small in contrast to their current freakish size and mind bogglingly, unacceptably outsized budgets. From the border patrol to the Navy to the penitentiary, they are all seriously over-funded while schools rot, welfare dries up, healthcare systems crumble, people are butchered and our planet burns. 

Our Strategies are growing and developing constantly, please become a member in order to contribute!...


Direct Action strategies are various and we do not necessarily exclude electoral measures. We believe in using all means at our disposal. For some examples: our goal is to gain leverage in government in order to pass laws which allow grants to be given to workers in order to start cooperatives. We also want representatives in government which can defend unions and striking workers, to help defend immigrant rights and fight the police unions. The idea is to use multiple simultaneous, complementary strategies, orchestrated by the same party, or in coalition with other like-minded organizations, groups and individuals.

Worker cooperatives are just businesses that are owned collectively by their workers. Each worker owns exactly one share, and they have one vote  in all workplace and business decisions, and there are no other shareholders to speak of. All of our worker cooperatives must be dedicated to something environmentally and/or socially beneficial even as they must compete in a hostile capitalist environment. A small portion of their revenue goes back to the party which generated them, thus giving the W.D.P. a consistent economic base

If we believe they will have an impact we strategically organize demonstrations and generally we make sure they obstruct something we oppose, while turning them into a spectacle and making sure to get the public on our side ahead of time. A good example of such a obstructive protest would be, say, protesting a new development built on traditional Native American land which would otherwise be wild.

We are adamantly anti-colonial and anti-racist. We believe in organizing and building coalitions with all people regardless of identity. We accept membership regardless of identity and we encourage the participation of all.

As a matter of official party policy... we do not engage in property destruction. We do not condone or encourage the destruction of private property even that private property which is hell bent on killing us all, starting with the poorest of the poor... Again, as an organization we do not engage in, condone, abet, support or encourage the destruction of private property whatsoever.

We counter-recruit against the military industrial complex, we make space for people who may have signed up for the military or the police, to have a productive life at the W.D.P. instead. We also aim to recruit those who might otherwise lead a criminal or criminalized life.

We provide socially useful and engaging jobs to people who are tired of being underpaid and treated poorly by their bosses.

We make existing workplaces better by organizing them. This increases their wages and thereby their quality of life. In addition unionization gives workers more control over the workplace so that they have the ability to make their workplaces more ecologically sustainable, particularly by reducing greenhouse gasses. A small portion of worker dues may be returned to the party if they were started by the W.D.P., pending a vote by the workers.

We will defend our communities with our own hands against racists, or fascists of every kind. We will protect each other, in person, in the streets if necessary, and drive right wing scum out of our neighborhoods.

Again, many of these strategies operate in conjunction with another. We do not fight in a simplistic, one war at a time, manner, because we as a class are not being assaulted in a simplistic, but a complex way. This is the point of the W.D.P. to coordinate coalitional fights across multiple points of pressure, implementing multiple simultaneous strategies.

Our Strategies are growing and developing constantly, please become a member in order to contribute!...

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