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Direct Action

Direct action means that we take matters into our own hands, immediately. We do not wait for politicians to give us permission, we do not allow for capitalists to give us excuses. We are the people and our oppressors will have to deal with us because we refuse to die or suffer indignity, and we demand that there be a world for our grandchildren.

We do not necessarily exclude electoral measures. Although the primary purpose of the party is direct action, we believe in using all means at our disposal. For some examples: In nations with representative governments we can use parliamentary power to gain leverage in government in order to create laws to allow public grants to be given to workers in order to start cooperatives. We also want representatives which can defend unions and striking workers, or to help defend immigrant rights or fight the police unions.


The idea of the WDP is to use multiple simultaneous, complementary strategies, orchestrated by the same party, or in coalition with other like-minded groups, in order to bring genuinely revolutionary change. We are not being assaulted in a one dimensional manner, so we must not fight back in a one dimensional manner

We demand or will help to create, across the world…

1. Universal healthcare

2. Universal housing

3. Universal employment and living wages in environmentally beneficial or sustainable industries

4. Universal workplace democracy through either unions or cooperatives

5. Genuine democracy in all governments

6. Dissolution of the fossil fuel industry

7. An end to overutilization of the earth's resources, such as

deforestation and overfishing

8. An end to the system of factory farming

9. Massive downscaling of all armies', but most especially, of the American Military Industrial Complex

10. The dissolution of the police state in all its forms, in all countries, including an end to mass incarceration

11. Large scale rewilding of land and degrowth of all industrial economies, particularly first world  economies, by returning land to traditional indigenous inhabitants

12. Implementation of environmentally beneficial farming practices and the end of agriculture monopolies

13. The dissolution of all other monopolies, especially tech monopolies

Our platform is developing constantly, please become a member in order to contribute!...



We organize around issues based on the needs of our respective communities. If your problem is rent and/or a terrible landlord, we'll organize around passing rent control and/or fighting your landlord. If your communities' problem is low wages, we'll organize your workplaces. No access to healthcare? Lets remove the Medicaid gap, fight for single payer, or setup a free clinic. Is your river horribly polluted? Help us put a stop to it. You don't have access to child care? Lets set up a free daycare. Can't find a job? We'll build a cooperative together. Homeless? We'll find you shelter.

Our strategies include, but are not limited to - Protests - Workplace unionization efforts  - The creation of Party affiliated worker owned cooperatives - Door knocking to pass an important bill - Community support programs (such as a breakfast program) - Eviction resistance actions - Tenant organizing actions (for mass rent strikes) - Campaigns to run members for political office - Community defense actions (against cops or other right wing groups) - Targeted boycotts - Community political education initiatives - Illegalized immigrant shelter and protection programs - Community legal defense initiatives. Strategies implemented depend on the democratic decisions of local chapters.

Novel parts of our party include that we establish permanent party affiliated worker cooperatives as well as labor unions in order to build a broad and powerful coalition of working people. These institution generate revenue for the party in exchange for party resources and support in times of need.

We organize workers and non-managerial working professionals across all identities; It is absolutely imperative that we bridge the divides in America across race, sex and gender, the WDP is that bridge. Unity is where we will derive our power from. We as working people are in fact racialized and sexualized  as a deliberate attempt to divide us where we could instead unite on the basis of class. Shamefully, we all too often take the bate and abuse one another on the basis of race, sex and gender. This abuse makes us weak, and we cannot go to war with the rich if we are weak. We have the numbers, but divided we have no force.

Chapters aim to take as much power for themselves within their local communities, as possible. Our legitimacy to power issues from our direct democratic nature. The goal is to take over, to build power, to challenge the union of state and corporation, so chapters aim to challenge or dominate over established political parties, backward government institutions and existing capitalist corporations. Part of this hegemony building necessitates the building of coalitions with independent labor unions, progressive democrats and left-wing organizations. Their power is our power.

Membership to the WDP is not casual, one joins to become a revolutionary. There is moral urgency to defy the powers that be, and create an alternative to the horrendous world in which we live, if you do not feel this urgency, the WDP is not the organization for you. People are dying, we are dying, make no mistake, class war is underway whether we like it or not. Join to FIGHT back. 

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