Internationalist Eco-Socialism

The social classes that create the conditions for poverty, violence, war and climate change are not likely to be the ones to stop poverty, violence, war and climate change.


The only way to fight poverty, violence, war and climate change at once, or at all, is to fight capitalism. Capitalism is the system which underpins them all, it is the root of most evils.


Direct action organization of the vast, segmented, working class under a single banner, is the only means by which capitalism may be resisted.

This has been the position of communists, anarchists, syndicalists, socialists, and others for hundreds of years. We don't identify as any of these, although we learn from all of them.


Now, in the crosshairs of environmental collapse, we can see no other option, but revolutionary direct action.

We are the IWR.

Join to fight back.