We are a fully inclusive working class organization, we make all of our decisions in a strictly democratic manner and we are a political party vastly unlike any other around today. Our goal is to unite the fractured elements of the international working class -- from hospitals to factories, across all identities -- under the simultaneous project of ecology and socialism. We believe that this project is the key to continued human survival, let alone the establishment of a just society.

We believe the only way to achieve such a society is through revolutionary change, by which we mean the abolishment or at least overwhelming subordination of global capitalism, whichever comes first. Either way, neocolonialism, imperialist war, over policing, poverty, deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels will all end and our lives will vastly improve.

The diverse global working class will come together to resist capitalism and fight back -- building power to truly change the course of history, to save ourselves and our world. The need could not be more urgent. We are the radical solution to capitalism and its effects of environmental devastation and worker immiseration, which threaten our very lives.


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